Biking across Canada 

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About the trip

The trip was 7089 km and took 27 days 5 hours og 30 minutes fra 28-6 til 25-7-1999

I got the idea to this trip when I had just returned from my trip around the Baltic sea in 1998.

I received over Internet some daily emails which described 2 Canadians trip across Canada as they were traveling .They had 2 cars to support them and they only had to bike, therefore I was not so impressed of their average of 250 k pr day and thought that maybe I could do the trip faster, alone and with a tent

To afford the trip I had mixed sponsor's and newspaper in the trip, so I would try to make it in 27 days, it kind of sounded better and also became my goal.

I didn't make it in 27 days but I am still satisfied as I came in 6,1 hour earlier than the Canadians on the 28 day, and therefore had beat them with some hours.

There were some decisions I made on the way that could have been better, but there will always be mistakes on such a long trip and I am satisfied of the final result

To carry out  a trip like this you have to be in  good conditions, but the mental part of it is just as important, as you have to make yourself continue no matter how laborious  it is.

I had several bad days, where the thought of giving up was not far away, but I knew   I would never forgive myself afterwards so I kept on and the spirit always came back again.

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