Biking Around Australia II

Planning / preperation.


Since my last attempt in 2002, it had annoyed me I didnt complete, and as time passed, I realized I had to try again, to regain at least some self-respekt.

In the meentime Swiss/Australian Eugen Schilter had set a incredible new record of only 55 days and 17 hours.
A time I had no intentions on beating,  my only goal was to complete a full Around Australia biketrip.


I set a timetable of 74 days, or pretty much an average of 200 km a day. This would beat the Danish record of 80 days, if completed.

I made an agrement with the Australian Red Cross to promote Blood Donation, in return I was allowed to wear their logo on my back, hoping for some goodwill and a safer ride in the traffic.

This time I brought camping gear with me, it would be cheaper acommodation and I would not have to rely on roadhouses as much as last time.
I had a trailer too, and it meant lots of space for food and water on the long parts.
Afterall, I wasent going for the world record, so a few ekstra kg didnt matter.


I choose a route going more north this time, up to Innisfall, then west to Normanton and south to Cloncurry. This would ad nearly 500 km ekstra to the trip compared to 2002.


I planned to bypass the Katherine - Darwin part instead, as it in my opinion is stupid to bike 628 km and end up back in Katherine again. Besides I did the part in 2002, and had no big desire of seing that part again.


Broome was on the maybe list, and would ad 66 km to the trip. In the south I planned to follow the coast around Eyre Penninsula, and this would ad around 280 km, so in all this trip would be slightly longer than last time.

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