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Specialized E.M.T Comp

The EMT Comp is a great emergency tool for the road and trail. With 7 hex wrenches, a T2S Torx wrench for disc brakes, chain tool, spoke wrenches and even a can opener, you'll always get home. It also includes a stainless-steel handle and carrying pouch.

19 funktioner-212 gram

2 tirelever in metal.

Plastic is lighter, but becomes soft after use,
and in hot weather it may fail!
30 gram a piece  =  60 - gram

29 Gram


I always bring along 2 for safty reasons
Big one-121 gram, - small one 83 gram.

Oil for the chain.

I never use anything else than WD-40.
I lubricate the chain every day (2-300 km)
210 gram


25 - gram

Cassette tool

56 - gram

Another multi tool.

Mostly for safty reasons.

109 - gram


for safty reasons.

15 - gram

Spare chain.

I switch the chains often, in order to wear them down together.

302 - gram

Spare bolt for the QR.

21 - gram

Spare Clamps.

For the shoos.

48 - gram

More later